I'm just wondering what happens if someone tries to steal the scooter?

Nothing good. KVIK scooters are always in touch with the cloud platform. This magic automatically controls the condition and location of the scooter. And the scooter itself is a smart IoT device with sensors, GPS and GSM modem. If a platform or scooter suspects an attempt to steal, they will begin to prevent it in different ways. For example, the security crew will leave for the scooter. If the hijacking takes place, the platform will literally ruin the scooter - making it so that all of its electronics, battery and engine cannot be restored. In general, do not steal them. Better to drive and enjoy the service. And we will make sure that everything works properly.

Why do you need scooter sharing?

We have made sharing of KVIK electric scooters so that you can easily and easily cover several kilometers. From the metro to the office. From the office to the coffee shop, where you meet with friends. With us, even with traffic jams of 10 points, you can get to the meeting on time! An electric scooter is five times faster than a pedestrian, and three times faster than a car or public transport during peak hours. And it's also a real pleasure to ride a scooter!

Where can I read the user agreement?

The full text of the offer is posted on the KVIK website on the "About us" tab. We suggest reading it and confirming your agreement with the rules of the service when registering each user.